Basic electronics continued

Hello, I am back with a new blog post. You can see the first part here- Simple things to start with first: What's pull up and pull down? It is called a pull up circuit. Why? Since when the button isn’t pressed, input is 5V(remember current is 0), and when button is pressed, input … Continue reading Basic electronics continued


Basic electronics explained

Well, recently we launched an online course on robotics as a part of CFI online course series. I felt motivated to share my knowledge even here. So, all the course modules which I create myself, I will add them as blog posts too! Hope, they will be interesting for everyone. Fun facts to start with: … Continue reading Basic electronics explained

Launching robotics course!!

Been a long time since I was here, didn't get too much time to write anything. This post is more of an announcement than a blog post. As the robotics club head at IIT Madras, I take pride in launching of online course on Robotics. The course is open for everyone. The rationale behind the … Continue reading Launching robotics course!!