Web Crawling with NodeJS, it’s an interesting world!

Today's some fun time! I'll try to scrape a website, I wanted something simple but unique, so I chose to scrape Google search results(Oh the irony!) I am not at all a Javascript expert, but picking up NodeJS seems to be really much more fun than the days of doing Python based scraping(yes I am … Continue reading Web Crawling with NodeJS, it’s an interesting world!


Full text search in Google App Engine Part 1

This is one of the occasional blog entries which is split into multiple parts to not harass you by making you read too much! I introduce my first Django library that was something I would have always wanted to use. One of the reason of this blog post is showing others an example to learn from with an … Continue reading Full text search in Google App Engine Part 1

BLE with RFduino, Linux and Python!!

I was working on a project which needed a nice way of wireless communication with an external device. Well, it was difficult to find any sort of documentation for getting it done, so had to figure it out on my own. Windows(other than the latest Windows 10) doesn't have any BLE 4.0 supporting stack, so … Continue reading BLE with RFduino, Linux and Python!!

How I hacked PutPeace

This is the first time I have spotted a vulnerability in an application, and I am excited to talk about it! For those who don't know, PutPeace is a start up at IITM, which provides (extremely) convenient online printing services. I am a regular user of the great app(awesome work guys). I was able to print documents … Continue reading How I hacked PutPeace

Some Bash tricks

Hi, This is an old blog post that happened to be in my drafts, so posting it here. It includes some basic Bash tricks that are helpful for newcomers. Came across to using Bash for a simple program, and seems quiet powerful. Some things I learnt: * $test replaces the value of the variable at … Continue reading Some Bash tricks

Debugging MediaWiki- Part 3 Using PHPStorm

Final post in this series, where we will integrate our debugger with PHPStorm. Here is the previous post- https://crondev.wordpress.com/2014/12/14/debugging-mediawiki-part-2-installing-xdebug/ To start with, PHPStorm has been my favourite IDE for everything, it just is too clean and brilliant. Not discussing it's frills here- check them on the website here. And know what, Mediawiki developers get a … Continue reading Debugging MediaWiki- Part 3 Using PHPStorm