Managing open source contributions on Ohloh

Been a long time since the last post. 🙂

Ohloh is a nice site that I discovered recently used for managing open source contributions be developers. It has a database of a lot of big and popular open source projects(well I reached late :P), including Wikimedia’s projects. It allows users to “claim” their contributions using the commit names.

Ohloh keeps all software projects with links to their codes, list of the latest contributors etc.
It has a lot of interesting things that can be shown as the site stats- details and stats about Projects, People and organizations. It also adds a lot of visual features to make the stats not so boring.

Here is an example of MediaWiki project’s page

MediaWiki about
MediaWiki about

There are stats regarding the project:

About the project
About the project

Project activity


Similar stats are available for organizations, users as well.
A user is allowed to make “stacks” of softwares they use. This helps them analyze the number of users for particular open source software.

It has a few more interesting tools offered- Comparing projects, languages, repositories. And the best part is, it offers Ohloh code search, a search engine to search the code of all the included repos 🙂

Have a great time using Ohloh!


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